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Matting Boards Panel allows you to select photos to be used a swatches surrounding your scenic photos as a highlighting feature. Just like they are used for pictures you hang around your home – to highlight the content of the picture so it stands out (see real matting boards manufacturer as example). However, the advantage of having a digital matting board is that you can show more content. You may even take this one step further..  frame your monitor too.



20 matting boards are installed automatically by Scenic Framer. You can add more of your own. Any photo can be used as matting boards. Above you can see my personalized mattings list. Scenic Framer reduces the photo to a 100×100 size. Next, it tiles this 100×100 piece around the stitched scenic photo album.
You can select different matting boards and get a preview. The currently selected phrase is also previewed to allow you to make sure that the colors of the matting boards and the current font match. If you have more than one monitor you can have two different photo albums running simultaneously. Each photo album can have it’s own matting board and it’s own phrase and font color.

Import Matting:

Sometimes I choose a pretty pattern as matting board and other times I choose a picture of a loved one and yet other times I prefer something funny like a smiley.


It is recommended that you shorten the name of the file to less than 10 characters before importing, otherwise white gaps will show in mattings list window.