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Access to Import Photo Albums

You need to pay for a license and activate it in About screen. Next click on top left control menu of Scenic Framer video wall window and select “home-Scenic Framer”. Click on Import Album button.

Preparation before importing

The photos need to be available somewhere on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 hard drives. See below note about Dropbox or OneDrive. About quality of photos see tree and flowers photography tips. You can delete the photos from the hard drive after you imported them into Scenic Framer local storage.

Import procedure

Select a group of photos you took of the same tree or flower bed. Next, create a folder to hold this collection and give it a unique name. Next, you can select a new collection of photos of another tree or flower bed to import.

Scenic Framer and Scenic Saver expect each album to be a single folder of photos. The photos should be all be the same extension. The following extensions are supported: .jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tif, tiff.  The destination folder needs to be a sub-folder of a single parent folder.

Click on Import Album:

Import white flowers

You can select multiple photos at once

Next you need to select or create a destination folder:



You can create a new folder to put the photos you selected in previous step. Alternatively, you can add them to an existing folder.

Stitching Mode

Next, Scenic Framer checks that all the photos in an album are at the same orientation and the same height. If yes, it proceeds to stitch the photos.

Windows Folder recommended layout options for selecting photos

Windows Explorer Layout menu

In order to see more EXIF metadata details make the Details pane higher by dragging up the border line between the Details pane

To select items as check boxes:

Click on Organize-> Folder and Search Options -> View tab.

Scroll down and check “Use check boxes to select items”.


To help you select the photos you really intended:

Large icon mode

About importing from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or other storage online clients:

As long as you sync into a folder on your local hard drive, you can import the photo albums directly from online storage by choosing that folder from Windows Explorer.

Collage mode

You can import unrelated photographs or photographs in different orientations. Instead of stitching the photographs together Scenic Framer arranges them in a collage. You can go to Photo Panel screen to edit individual photos.