What is the purpose of Scenic Framer?

Bring about greater connection between you and trees or flowers during the periods when you are not actually near trees or flowers

Why is it important to increase the time of feeling connected to trees and flowers?

Multiple studies have proved that being among trees and flowers enhances feelings of inner peace, creativity and well-being.

What kind of experience of trees and flowers is Scenic Framer trying to achieve?

Immersive experience, you feel close to trees or flowers so that they are part of you.

How to best utilize Scenic Framer?

Group of high quality of digital photos of one scene of either a tree or flower bunch taken at close range. In addition, several computer monitors, each at least 16″ with at least 1366×768 resolution, attached to your computer and configured as “extended desktop”.

What is the recommended way to take photos to best take advantage of Scenic Framer?

Pick a group of flowers or a low tree. Set the camera for manual settings. Stand 50 – 100 cm distance away from the scene. After taking the first photo, move one step in one direction, keeping the same distance away from the scene, and take another photo with the same camera orientation. Take another step in the same direction and take another photo. It is Ok to have no exact overlap between the consecutive photos.

What problems does Scenic Framer addresses?

Developers easily feel negative towards a controlling boss, unreasonable deadlines, interfering teammates, becoming frustrated and unproductive. This becomes a cycle where the bosses feel frustrated with the productivity of their team and try to break down the development into smaller pieces.

What is the advantage of Scenic Framer versus a slide show?

Slide shows each picture individually, Scenic Framer stitches them all together. In addition, Scenic Framer creates hopefully a more beautiful and inspiring experience by adding matting board of your choosing around the stitched picture as well inspiring phrase of your choosing.

What are the modes of Scenic Framer?

Scenic Framer is installed both as Window desktop application as well as Windows  theme that includes a screen saver.

How does SF behave as a screen saver?

It can either be launched by Windows if you set as default screen saver or you can be launch it manually from the Lock button on Scenic Framer Home screen . The display is full screen on all monitors. In Power Panel you can configure additional screen saver parameters such as whether to present logon screen upon interruption and how long Windows will be idle until screen saver starts and whether SF is the default Windows screen saver.

How many photo albums can SF show concurrently?

One photo album in screen saver mode otherwise on all monitors, otherwise up to two photo albums.

How many monitors can be mapped to the 2 photo albums?

At most six monitors can be assigned in any combination. Monitors Mapping Panel makes it easy for you.

Monitors Mapping Panel screen shot with four monitors

Monitors Panel

What is a photo album and what photos features are recommended for best effect?

A group of 1 or more photos that were taken of the same scene. All the photos should be with the same resolution and orientation.

Does SF have any tools to fix individual photos?

Yes, go to Photos Panel to rotate or flip, delete. SF does not touch the original photos you imported. Instead it makes private copies and makes the changes on the copies only.

In what order SF stitches the photos of an album and can I change the order?

By date created. In Photo Panel you can re-order the photos by clicking on Shift Left or Shift Right.

In what order SF stitches the photos of an album and can I change the order?

SF orders the photos by creation date. You can change the order in Photo Management & Transformations Panel.

How does navigation work in Scenic Framer?

Initially upon launching, SF displays the last photo album(s) on the monitors you previously assigned to each photo album. You can click on the top left icon of one of the displays and click on “Home”.

playback plus control menu screen shot of Scenic Framer as installed photo album 1.

Navigate via top left menu

How does SF compare to panorama stitching tools?

SF is totally forgiving in comparison to panorama stitching tools. SF allows any two photographs to be stitched. SF does some blending of the edges and even if you can notice where the stitching occurs, it is not a big deal because the photos are of a tree of flowers in semi-close range. In addition, with panorama tools you are interacting with the result photo to zoom-in and out and pan around with the purpose of learning about a city or a home or a particular vista. While SF purpose is to let the photographs have a similar status to a picture you hang on your wall. You enjoy it and feel personally connected to it but you are not busy interacting with it. The picture is there for ambiance and inspiration and visual beauty.

What does SF do with the stitched image?

It very slowly pans over the stitched image with a viewport. The viewport size is determined by the amount and the display resolution of display monitors mapped to the current photo album.

Can SF perform special effects on photos?

Yes. You can select and try in Photo Panel 3 effects. Fall effect – turns greens into yellow-orange-reds. Winter – adds snow to the image. Summer – turns falls colors into green. If you save effects, the next time SF is ran, the effects are applied on the stitched image after first running the original entire stitched image.

Why to use manual camera settings when taking photos to be used in SF?

As the photos are stitched together it looks better if all the photos were taken with the same F-stop, same exposure time and bias, same white balance and same ISO. The Photo Panel shows the EXIF metadata for each photo so you can easily determine if that’s how your camera was set. See Tree and Flowers Photography tip page as well as Advanced tree and flowers photography tips page. You are welcome to add your own photo tips in the blog.

What is the purpose of phrases?

The idea is select a phrase or mantra that you would like to keep seeing all day long. Phrases are optional. You can write the phrase can be in any language installed by Windows, including bi-directional languages. You can use the Inspirational Phrases Panel to change the phrase for each album, as well change the font family, size and color to match the color of the current matting. One possibly expansion on the phrases could be to create a repository of sentences to choose from. Alternatively, the phrases could have more practical uses such as reminders.

Why can you change the current phrase both at the Home Screen as well as Phrases Panel?

The phrase could also have a practical purpose to indicate when you are coming back and where you are when you step away from your computer. This is the reason that you can change phrase on the home screen. Just type it in click Update and than click Lock.

If SF is supposed to emulate an art work hanging on the wall what happens when not using the computer for a few minutes?

SF is intended to be used only when the computer is plugged in. If the current power plan is “balanced plan” and the computer is plugged in it would turn off the display after 10 minutes, even if the screen saver is running. Therefore, SF is loading the “Video Player” power plan because the “Video Player” power plan when the computer is plugged in the display is never turned off. SF restores the “balanced plan” upon exiting. You can click the Sleep button on Home screen to force the display and computer to go to sleep.


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