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The idea is that in Scenic Framer you are supposed to enjoy the most of viewing your photographs even if you are not actively using the computer. This means that if in plugged in mode the computer and the monitors are fully on continuously at maximum brightness. The slow panning preserves the monitors.


Set Scenic Framer as Windows default screen saver:

If you check this check box Scenic Framer become the default screen saver in Windows.  You can specify how long the computer is idle before invoking Scenic Framer as a screen saver. If you uncheck this check box, the Blank Screen Saver” becomes default screen saver of Windows.

Scenic Framer Behavior As Screen Saver

You can set how many minutes the computer is idle before Scenic Framer as screen saver starts running.

Note: The Lock button in the Home screen invokes the Scenic Framer as a screen saver even if it is not set as the default Windows screen saver . Even though the button is called “Lock” It will not lock the workstation if you unchecked “on resume, display logon screen”.

 Select active power plan while Scenic Framer is running

You decide whether to override the current default power plan of Windows upon invoking either Scenic Framers. Click on Setting for Scenic Power Plan to make specific changes in the myriad settings for power plan

Special Note

When you quit Scenic Framer the Windows default power plan is restored.