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Photos Panel allows you to manage the individual photos in the currently selected album.


Click on thumbnail of a photo in photos list to view it at full size as well it’s metadata. This screen provides some basic image transformations to fix common issues. For more advanced enhancements there are many photo editing programs.

Photo Management buttons

Actual Size/Fit Window toggle button: If you click Actual Size you can pan around the image.

Shift buttons: To change the order of photo stitching you can shift by one position either left or right. The next time this album is invoked you do not need to repeat making these changes.

Delete buttons: allows you to delete the currently selected photo. You cannot delete the last photo of an album. Go to Monitor Mapping Panel to delete a photo album folder.

Photo Transformations Buttons

Flip buttons: allows you to flip either vertically or horizontally. The next time you select this album these changes will be remembered.

Rotate buttons: Helps you to keep all photos at the same orientation. Keeps changes for next time you run Scenic Framer and select this album.

50% button: . Keeps changes for next time you run Scenic Framer and select this album.

Playback Effects Buttons

Fall effect: Click on button to preview effect of changing green leaves to yellowish hues. Click on check box next to button to save this effect during display.


Winter Effect:  Blue colors.


Summer Effect: Converts fall colors into bright greens.


Scenic Saver saves effect directives to settings file if effects check boxes were checked when you close the Photo Panel. The next time you run Scenic Framer it applies the effects after finishing the cycle of the original photo album.

On the right side of the selected photo you can examine the EXIF metadata properties for this photo. You can use it to make sure you used the same photo capture settings such as white balance between different photos of the same album see also tree and flower photography tips