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Press Release – Scenic Framer (PDF)

Contact: Shoshana Biro
Owner of MyNatureInspiration
Phone 9174050259
Fax 2125391217 321 E 22nd Street apt 4T
New York, NY 10010

Press Release

MyNatureInspiration debuts Scenic Framer that helps users feel surrounded by trees and flowers all day long.

Scenic Framer is an innovative photo viewer as well as screen saver intended for anyone who cannot resist taking photos of trees and flower beds.

New York, NY, November 20, 2015: Startup MyNatureInspiration owned by Shoshana Biro is releasing Scenic Framer in multiple external sites as well as in Scenic Framer is a Windows desktop program that allows users to import collections of multiple photo of the same nature scene. It takes each collection and stitches it into one giant stitched photo. Next, it pans it slowly, a Ken Burns like effect, over multiple monitors as well as projector attached to your computer. Scenic Framer will inspire you all day long. Feeling inspired all day will keep you creative and productive at work and elsewhere.

Imagine your day as follows: Waking up with your favorite scenery being projected to your ceiling and on your TV. At the office, your favorite scenery plus your personal inspirational phrases are playing on additional monitors around your desk. This “playback” is not distracting because your giant photo mosaic is being panned very slowly. It only creates an ambiance or experience reminding you on how you feel when you are in a beautiful park or hiking in the woods. You feel inspired, creative and thereby more productive. At home, you can choose to show your favorite nature scenery on any TV and additional monitors combination. As you turn off the lights your projector projects any scenery you want on the ceiling for the time period you specify. You can have this new life style right now!

About Shoshana Biro
MS in computer science from New York University. BA in mathematics from Haifa University, Israel. Senior software engineer using C, C++, C# with Microsoft desktop technologies. I specialize in image processing algorithms, mathematical and statistical applications as well as audio and video ActiveX controls with DirectShow and all other Microsoft multimedia API. Recently, I discovered I love to be around trees and could not resist taking photos to enjoy later. This is how the idea for Scenic Framer was born and I decided to start my own startup to promote stronger connection with nature.