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Overview of operation:

Scenic Framer lets you enjoy nature scenery while you are at your home or office far from being able to view real nature. Nature scenery helps to bring about calmness, inspiration and creativity to many people.

The idea is that you will take several close up photos of a tree or flower beds while walking around the tree. It is expected that all the photos in a single album are of the same nature scene. Scenic would stitch them together horizontally. The order of the photos is determined by the date taken. It is expected that you have taken the photos by walking around a tree and at each step taken another photo. Your step size is determined by the horizontal field of view size of the camera.  For best results you should set manual mode for all photos. Hold the camera at the same height for all shots. Keep all photos either landscape or portrait. The guidelines are similar to taking panorama 360 degrees sequences but instead of you turning around before taking the next photo, you walk around the tree in 360 degrees. Another difference is that best photos for Scenic Framer are close up of nature scene with many details taken in high resolution photos.  What is similar that camera settings should be manual and not to change for all the photos in sequence. In addition, all the photos should be taken at the same height and horizontal and vertical tilt. On the other hand there is no need for very exact alignment of neighboring photos because the stitching blurs the border between the photos and does not require exact matching because nature scenic photos of leaves or many flowers have so much details that exact match is not of importance. The advantage is that all nature scenes sequences are acceptable.

Note that the stitched photo is displayed 1-1 a photo pixel to display monitor pixel. Therefore it is important for best results to select subject to the photos with a lot of details.

The destination can be made of multiple monitors. The enclosing rectangle of the monitors determines the “viewport” size into the stitched photo. Next, Scenic starts panning slowly over the stitched photo. The intended experience is for you to feel like you are immersed in nature, in a close up, not too close but not too far. Here are some examples.

Same aperture for all the shots

Same shutter speed for all the shots

Same white balance for all shots

Lock the focus for all the shots

Pressing the shutter button half way and holding it there will stop the camera’s AF and lock the lens focus. In most digital cameras, you’ll know you’ve “locked-down” when you hear a beep or there’s an indication in your viewfinder.

all photo with same vertical and horizontal tilt. recommend tripod to minimize shaking.

My intent was to be immersed in nature scenes but of course there are other scenes that have so much details that Scenic Framer would work great for:

stained glass windows, mosaics, tiffany glass, stained glass or underwater flora.

Next import the group of photos as an album. This is all that you need to do. Next, Scenic Framer would stitch all the photos together and display them on your display monitors. Scenic Framer/Saver pans very slowly over this stitched image

In addition, you can choose an inspirational phrase that means something to you to overlay the image.

Two albums are installed by default and if you have three monitors as part of extended desktop. One album would show on the left most monitor and the 2nd album would display on the right most monitor. The intention is for the display of these albums is to act like framed pictures. You look at them and enjoy having them next to you but are not intended for constant viewing.

You can import new albums by clicking on Scenic Framer Window’s menu and selecting Home Screen.

Update: Lets you change the phrase overlay on the album you select.

Sleep: Hibernates the computer.

Lock: Reads the screen saver phrase and launches Scenic Framer as screen saver .

Scenic Framer installs two albums to allow you to view it in operation as soon as you invoke it for the first time.


In order to reach the Home screen click on the top left icon and select Scenic Framer Home:


Import Photo Album

Photo Panel

Monitors Panel

Matting Boards Panel

Phrases Panel

Power Panel

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