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You can assign multiple neighboring monitors to an album.

Up to six monitors can be assigned to an album. If Scenic Saver is running all monitors are assigned to first album. If Scenic Framer is running you have the option of choosing two albums to run simultaneously. Each album can be assigned to a different group of neighboring monitors. In addition, in this screen you can change the currently selected primary album as well change the currently selected additional album. Each monitor can also be excluded from displaying any album by unchecking check box inside the icon.

Example with 4 monitors where a pair of monitors is mapped to a different photo album:



Assign A Different Previously Imported Photo Album

Click on Change 1st album or Change 2nd Album to see a list of all photo albums you previously imported.  You can choose any of the sub-folders under parent folder. You can also delete any of the sub-folders by right clicking and selecting delete.


Change Storage Paths

You can also change the path of parent folder of all photo albums or all matting boards  by clicking on … inside the group “Change Storage Paths“.

You can select any folder accessible from Desktop as parent folder for all albums  as long as this folder is writable.

You may want to change Windows display settings in order to add monitors to extend the desktop, change the relative positioning of connected monitors or change the resolution of individual monitors.